Sunday, April 01, 2007


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...In the sweatpants carrier.

Limelet had about two good days without teething, then he developed his first cold. I think it also exacerbated the teething, too, like when your sinuses are clogged and it makes your teeth ache. He has been sick pretty much all this week. I didn't take him to swimming yesterday. He makes this horrible persistent growling noise that I call "grounging" (for some reason).

It's often been hard for him to nurse (which makes him cry) unless I suction his nose out, which he hates. He thinks I'm torturing him and cries about that, too, but at least he can nurse afterwards. Also, one must keep the poor baby nose suctioned out in order to reduce the incidence of ear infection. I started him on the garlic oil again, too (in ears at night.) Poor little garlic shrimp.

I pretty much haven't been able to put him down for anything more than two minutes as a result of his crankiness (even with baby Motrin some days), nor sit down myself, so I've resorted to backwearing a couple of times just to get a few things done like sweeping the kitchen. He's beginning to tolerate the knees-up position now, so that helps a lot. I still have to lean forward, but I guess I have to lean forward for those tasks anyway.

He was a little better yesterday, and I can tell that he's better yet today, though he's still grounging somewhat. At least he was able to nurse this morning without any suctioning.


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