Monday, November 26, 2007

Breastfeeding Basics

These are pretty basic nursing instructions, and they're also from the '80s (I think), but they could still be helpful. I had a lot of younger siblings that I saw being breastfed, but when the time came I still wanted to compare someone else's baby's latch to mine. These do show several latchin' babies, so I found them helpful. There are three different positions described here: cradle hold, clutch (or "football") hold, and lying down.

I recommend learning to nurse lying down ASAP! For us it made the difference of being able to sleep most of the night, right away, versus having to awake fully and get up five or six times. (Of course look up safe cosleeping practices if you're going to do this.)

Cradle Hold

Clutch Hold

Lying Down Cradle Hold


Blogger LesleyH said...

Great post! Very informative videos - especially the side lying cradle hold one. I wish I had known how to do that when my baby arrived, but I had to figure it out on my own. That took a while. If I'd had this information before he arrived, my life would have been so much easier. Thanks!

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